Single's day 2022


Singles Day 2022 comes to Motocard. A day with some of the best offers of the year in motorcycle gear so that you can celebrate Singles Day with the one you love the most: your motorcycle!

Find the best discounts of Singles Day 2022 for motorcycle helmets, gloves, jackets, boots, pants, and suits for the track and even MotoGP merchandising in our physical stores and at

What is Singles Day?

Singles Day is a social and commercial phenomenon that arose in China. In mandarin it’s called Guanggun Jie (管棍节) although it’s also known as Shuang Shi’yi (双十一). It’s especially popular amongst the youths, who celebrate being single with pride.

If you also want to celebrate the fact that you’ve declared eternal love to your motorcycle, then you’ll surely find a biker offer on Singles Day!

What’s the origin of Singles Day?

Singles Day was born in China. There are several theories about the origin of this phenomenon, but the most widely spread one points to a group of University students from Nanking that, in 1993, decided to celebrate their bachelorhood one 11th of November instead of lamenting their social situation, frowned upon by Chinese society.

Since then, this celebration has not stopped growing in parallel with the economic expansion of China and is also a response to the arrival of Valentine’s Day, imported from the United States.

In 2009 the giant Alibaba was the first online business to commercially promote Singles Day and currently it is an unofficial holiday capable of generating more than 25,000 million dollars in just one day in the People's Republic, exceeding the figures for Cyber Monday or Black Friday in this country.

Singles Day is almost a worldwide phenomenon that has also reached the occident and is another excuse to celebrate and award ourselves a treat.

When is Singles Day 2022?

Singles Day 2022 is Friday, November 11. The date is fixed, such that Singles Day is always celebrated the eleventh of November all over the world, whether it’s a work day or a holiday.

Singles Day at Motocard

If you also enjoy your bachelorhood and want to join in the celebrations, or you just want to give yourself a present, at Motocard we make it easy for you with the best Singles Day offers for you and your bike.

Singles Day Offers at Motocard

What can you find in the Singles Day of Motocard? Discounts on products from the best gear brands on the market. You’ll find helmet models from Shoei, Arai, AGV, Shark, Schuberth, HJC, Airoh and other prestigious brands at an unbeatable price.

Prices reduced on all motorcycle gear on gloves, jackets, boots, 1 pc and 2 pc suits from Dainese, Alpinestars, Spidi, Bering, Ixon, Belstaff amongst other reference brands for road and off-road, like the collections from Fox, Hebo, Leatt, 100%, Oakley…

An if cycling is also your thing, at Motocard you’ll find the best offers on bicycles for road and MTB from Merida, Mondraker, Endura, BH, Focus, as well as gear from Mavic, Sidi, Northwave and many other leading brands. Because our passion is for two wheels, with or without an engine!

Singles Day in Motocard’s physical stores

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Singles Day online at

You’ll also find the large discounts on motorcycle gear for Singles Day in our web: you’ll find the discounts highlighted at the foot of each product on offer for Single Days.

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