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Sidi is without a doubt one of the most emblematic biker’s footwear brands that exists in the world on two wheels. They began as Alpinestars, making mountain boots, but they went to motorcycle footwear and cycling shoes. Their exclusive dedication to the world of motorcycle and cycling footwear has contributed to the fact that their products always offer a distinctive plus over their rivals.

The knowledge accumulated by Sidi in the motorcycle boot sector can be perceived in their boot range. Starting with the road boots, which include sports models at the highest level; nevertheless, there are many riders equipped with Sidi boots in competition, including MotoGP. Like all self-respecting track boots the Sidi have replaceable sliders and the brand also has vented models, ideal for high temperatures.

The Sidi touring range includes waterproof models, that use special membranes, for example, the famous Gore-Tex. And Sidi, knowing that all feet don’t share the same morphology, also include a women’s model, an aspect to bear in mind for footwear for long journeys.

The success of Sidi boots is even greater on dirt. The off-road range includes some of the most advanced motocross boot models and they stand out for their comfort. Comfortable boots means greater confidence and better feel, which usually translates as a faster rider. The fans of the old school styling will be pleased to know that Sidi is of the few brands that still has some models with the metal toebox. The off-road offer is completed with the Trial boots. The Sidi models in this discipline are characterised by having a stitched sole.

Definitively, to talk about Sidi is to talk about one of the most complete range of footwear. And not just in the motorcycling field but also in the cycling world, whose shoes are worn by some of the world’s best cyclists. And all available at Motocard and at the Motocard Bike Store.