Motocard Business Purpose

The objective of Motocard is to help improve the safety of all motorcycle and bicycle users, encouraging the use of technical equipment and training the community about its correct use.


How do we make it possible?

Supporting all those initiatives on safety and awareness that affect the biker and cyclist collective.

Betting on quality with a catalogue that includes the best manufacturers of technical equipment and the most advanced materials on the market. Where the product with a high safety level prevails.

Training our teams to advise customers on those products that meet the technical and quality characteristics adjusted to each type of user and use.

Incorporating the latest technologies on the market in terms of safety.

Using all the communication channels at our disposal to exercise a didactic and explanatory work that allows us to make known to everyone all those tools, products and technology that help improve their safety, products and technology that help improve their safety when ride a motorcycle or a bicycle.

Motocard wants to take care of the biker and cycling community, of which it is also a part.