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226ERS 6.4 Amino + Nutrition

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Product information

226ERS 6.4 Amino + Capsules. Glutamine + BCAA + L-Arginine + L-Tyrosine capsules, formulated in the proportion of 60: 40 of Glutamine / BCAA 8: 1: 1. With this 60:40 proportion, it is intended to slightly influence the role of glutamine in recovery, which is essential for long-term activities where the levels of glutamine in blood go down, as well as for short duration and high intensity activities where the ammonium production can be increased due to the anabolic capacity of the BCAA, which helps the post-exercise protein synthesis and to prevent the central fatigue in tests or long-term trainings. This is the reason why the combination of both ingredients together with the Arginine and the Tyrosine, make this an excellent product for both strength and resistance sports.


  • The L-Glutamine repairs muscle fibres and favours protein synthesis.
  • The BCAAs perform various functions in the organism including providing energy to the muscle under conditions of intense exercise, favouring protein synthesis and detaining the catabolic effect, actively participating in the process of muscle recovery.
  • The L-Tyrosine takes part in the production of amino acids that maintain the brain functioning so it has a positive impact on the mental energy and the performance. 
  • The L-Arginine has a stimulating effect and it dilates the vessels, thus it improves the supply of nutrients to the muscle cells and, therefore, the performance. The L-arginine also helps to improve the muscle mass and to lose fat at the same time, as well as to strengthen the immune system.

Quantity: 120 capsules.

Consumption: Take 3 capsules just before exercise and 3 capsules immediately after.

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