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What is #Motoheart?


At Motocard we are a team of people passionate about sport, speed and everything that moves on wheels. That is why our mission is to help improve the safety of all motorcycle and bike users, encouraging the use of technical equipment and training the community about its correct use.

This commitment that we have acquired with the environment and people we call #motoheart.

We are a leading company in the distribution of motorcycle gear, with more than 40 years of experience. And we are designers, manufacturers and distributors of our own products.

True to our mission, we strive to continue moving towards a more sustainable business model, working efficiently, inclusively and responsibly.

At Motocard we give priority to the company's sustainability strategy, based on environmental, social and governance criteria. These criteria are focused on three axes: road safety, diversity and environment. And linked to objectives and initiatives that we measure and evaluate quarterly.

All the goals are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an initiative promoted by the United Nations.

We carry out CSR policies to contribute to the social and environmental improvement of society. Motocard participates voluntarily in social and environmental initiatives.

We meet the highest standards of social, environmental, accountability and transparency performance.