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The Management of Motocard, whose scope of activity is the purchase and sale of motorcycle accessories, within the framework of a comprehensive responsibility with all its environment and interested parties that form it, wants to promote a Quality Management policy, with strategic and specific objectives with a mission: the continuous improvement of the organization, to exceed the expectations of customers who trust us and, consequently, their maximum satisfaction.

In addition, they have voluntarily adopted the requirements contained in the reference standards for its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 audit and certification.

Motocard has established the principles to which it is committed and that must govern the operation of the entire organization.

Quality is part of the company's culture. Our strategy in terms of Quality Management is governed by the following principles of action:

  • Have a qualified team with a high degree of experience.
  • Satisfy the wishes and expectations of customers when designing and supplying our products.
  • Develop continuous improvement throughout the organization.
  • Each person involved in the process is responsible for the quality of their work.
  • Compliance with applicable current legislation and other requirements that are subscribed to in all the projects in which it operate.
  • Commitment for the protection of the environment, including prevention of contamination and other specific commitments regarding the context of organisation.
  • Commitment to fulfill the legal and other requisites.
  • Committment with continued improvement for environmental performance.
  • Achieve the established quality and environmental objectives.

The Management is committed to promoting the development of the strategies contained in this Quality Management policy and to providing the necessary resources to this end.