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1. Introduction

The aim of the MOTOCARD group is to operate under a series of principles of ethics and conduct that ensure the social function that every company should have and that promote an impeccable reputation.

We consider that to clarify, communicate, follow and update these principles is an essential element in our Mission, by which we understand that these principles should span our entire human team and the people and companies that we interact with.

Therefore, our Code of ethics spans:

• Our responsibility towards and of the human team that makes up Motocard

• Our responsibility towards our clients

• Our responsibility towards and of our suppliers

• Our responsibility towards long term sustainability of our society and our environment.

Motocard will maintain a policy of “zero tolerance” against the violation of these principles and against any non-ethical behaviour within the company as well is in its circle of influence.


2. Validity and area of application 

The different codes of conduct defined in our Code of Ethics apply to all the companies of the group: MOTOCARD BIKE, EXPORCARD, GLOBAL MOTARD VENTURES, EXPORTUGAL BIKE, MOTORAMA and any of the present or future subsidiaries of GLOBAL MOTARD VENTURES.

Therefore, all the members of the organisation, their Governing Bodies and the external entities that collaborate with us are obligated to know and respect, in the exercise of their professional activity with us, this set of behavioural guidelines and ethical conduct framework.

These values and policies arise from the Council and Senior Management; therefore, they are expected to provide the maximum level of personal examples and commitment to them.

The Company will keep these codes up to date and available to any internal or external person that wants to consult them, placing them in our public web(s), the Internet and the Employees’ portal


3. Pillars of the code of ethics 

Below we define a series of minimums that we understand to be mandatory for all our internal or external collaborators in any situation or place. Each person, supplier or client, may define actions or new policies that, in accordance with those described, allow us to go beyond the objectives sought.

This Code of ethics is based on three pillars:

• Protection of Human Rights proclaimed in the International ambit.

• The fulfilment of national or international law, always serving its aim.

• The personal values that inspire our Corporate Vision and Mission.

In those cases where situations not described in these aforementioned policies may arise but that require a decision, it is expected that our people make that decision based on the principles and values of the Company.


3.1. Our team's code of conduct 

Everyone that forms part of our teams, employees as well as external collaborators that work with us, agree hereby to support and respect the following principles:

• Guarantee equal opportunities, offering equal and non-discriminatory treatment for motives of origin, race, colour, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, Trade Union affiliation, national ancestry or social origin, fomenting diversity as a means of enrichment and specifically attending different cultural sensitivities,

• Seek an active dialogue, fomenting the participation of our people in any aspect that could improve daily relationships between colleagues and Heads,

• Respect people at all times, attending their dignity, integrity and personal life, not allowing any form of intimidation, offense, abuse of power or harassment of any type,

• Team work, seeking always the way to support others with our knowledge and working towards group success above each of its members,

• Provide the training necessary to contribute to the professional development of the employees,

• Guarantee a comfortable and pleasant working environment, attending the health and safety of all the teams in their workplace,

• Facilitate the reconciliation of professional life with personal life,

• Acknowledge the achievements of people relative to their participation and contribution to the advancement and consecution of the Company’s aims, incentivising based on merit,

• Use the Company’s resources in a responsible manner, taking care of its assets and information and fomenting efficacy when investing.

• Respect the right to privacy of our collaborators and clients, protecting the personal data contained the databases that the Company is responsible for, scrupulously complying with current legislation as regards Data Protection 

3.2. Code of conduct towards our clients 

Everyone that forms part of our teams, employees as well as external collaborators that work with us and has contact with our clients, agree hereby to support and respect the following principles:

• Develop our long-term client relations, promoting trust, mutual respect, transparency and confidentiality.

• Guarantee maximum respect for our clients, in the same measure as we do with our colleagues,

• Seek excellence, offering our clients the best service possible, attending their needs and presenting clear, precise proposals,

• Provide honest, responsible, professional and clear assessment, 100% based on justified technical criteria, always giving precise and true information avoiding answers that do not fit with the defence of the clients interests

• Act in good faith and diligently on our commercial relations

• Respect our competitors, avoiding criticising, maligning or denigrating our competition,

• Carry out a follow up an evaluation of our offer, assuring diversity, quality, innovation and value of the products and services we offer,

• Resolve possible differences, favouring dialogue and mediation practices,

• Follow our principles of coherence in personal conduct established in the Code of Our Team, avoiding any conflict of interests,

• In relations with the public and private sector, expressly renounce the use of any illegal, corrupt or unethical means capturing clients, performing projects, assessing or billing our services


3.3. Code of conduct towards or suppliers 

The quality of the products and services provided by Motocard to their clients depends, above all, on their capability to obtain superb benefits from the supplying companies. Therefore, the choice of suppliers must be transparent and meticulous,

Motocard opts for promoting and incentivising amongst its suppliers and sub-contractors the same criteria that it applies to its people and clients, seeking the highest standards of ethics, integrity, good government and quality in the development of their activities.

Therefore, all the suppliers and companies that supply any type of product to service to the companies of the Group must confirm that they know and share the following principles signing the corresponding Letter of Commitment:

• Promote respect of Human Rights throughout the chain of value, that is, in their own installations and those of their sub-contractors,

• Rigorously fulfil the applicable rules and legislation,

• Confidentially and responsibly use all the information received from Motocard,

• Supply quality products and services that fit the specifications, informing punctually of any problem detected that could affect the functions performed by these products,

• Take special care in the protection of our Intellectual and Industrial Property rights and those of third parties. 

• Guarantee equal opportunities, rejecting all discriminatory practices due to race, colour, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, Trade Union affiliation, national ancestry or social origin,

• Protect their people against any intimidating action, physical, verbal or in any other form susceptible to qualification and harassment or abuse,

• Ensure the protection of the employees, guaranteeing that the business activities do not put the company’s employees at risk, evaluating the risks of the activity,

• Respect the Worker’s rights, specifically fulfilling the Basic Rights recommended by the International Labour Committee. Specifically, and not limited to:

      - Avoiding the use of child labour, respecting the established minimum age of contracting,

      - Avoiding the use of forced or obligated labour, maintaining the workers in a regulated situation, free to leave the job always when they give notice within a reasonable time,

      - Pay minimum, maximum or extraordinary wages and hours in accordance with the applicable Regulations,

      - Guarantee the rights of freedom to collective association, affiliation and negotiation without their exercise deriving in possible retaliation,

      - Offer a safe and healthy working environment, with the adequate conditions of health and safety to prevent lesions and accidents, minimising the causes of the inherent dangers in the working environment,

• Respect the environment, at least complying with the applicable legislation of the corresponding country,

• Renounce any type of illegal or corrupt activity, specifically those orientated towards influencing assignation decisions or processes with workers of Motocard through nontransparent channels or that can be qualified as corruption.

All negotiation with the Suppliers must respect the quality principles defined in the Company. Equity and impartiality must preside relations with the supply companies, in order to maintain with these a balanced and objective relationship. The purchase must be performed under irreproachable ethics and comply with the rules, especially those that attain to competition.


3.4. Code of conduct towards sustainability

Motocard feels obliged to help and ensure the long-term sustainability of society and the planet where we live and work. We think that this responsibility obliges us to not just respect the environment but to carry out active policies to improve it.

Therefore, as a company, we want our activities to respect the following principles:


3.4.1. With Society and its Institutions

• Contribute to the economic and welfare development of the society where we develop our activity,

• Develop our activity providing priority attention to collectives in need and/or at risk from social exclusion,

• Participate in the market respecting the current legislation in terms of competence, favouring dialogue and mediation practices in the event of differences and conflicts

• Provide true and transparent information about the economic, social and environmental performance of the companies of the Group,


3.4.2. With Road Safety

Due the very nature of the product we sell and the community we serve, we consider it important to commit to Motorcycle Road Safety:

• Sell quality products, that fulfil the functions demanded of them,

• Participate in information campaigns that help bikers better understand the risks they take and to mitigate them in the measure possible,

• Influence in the measure possible so that the Administration implement policies to protect bikers.


3.4.3. With the Environment

• Scrupulously comply with the current normative.

• Promote and foment respect of the environment within the work force and in our installations,

• Reduce the direct impact generated by our daily activity as a company, specifically as regards waste, generation of residues, emissions, electric consumption, water consumption, packaging consumption, etc.,

• Reduce the use of raw materials and supplies (cardboards boxes, paper, toner, etc.) to the essential minimum,

• Favour selective collection and recycling of all the waste that allows this,

• Reduce the indirect impact that we may produce on the environment due to projects or activities carried out by third parties.


4. Policies and procedures

The Company will develop, communicate and implant the Policies and Procedures required to carry out each and every one of its activities in accordance with this Code of ethics. These Policies and Procedures are mandatory, acting at all times in an ethical and lawful manner.

Nonetheless, the Company manifests its firm commitment with the compliance to the current legislation at any time and with the non-performance of unlawful activities.

4. Policies and Procedures

The Company will develop, communicate, and implement the necessary Policies and Procedures to carry out each of its activities in accordance with this Code of Ethics. These Policies and Procedures are mandatory, and individuals must act ethically and lawfully at all times.

In any case, the Company expresses its strong commitment to compliance with current legislation at all times and to refraining from engaging in unlawful activities.

5. Whistleblowing Channel

In accordance with our ethical code and to comply with the requirements of Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating the protection of individuals reporting regulatory violations, Motocard makes available our internal whistleblowing channel.

Motocard undertakes to maintain absolute confidentiality of all information received and managed through the Whistleblowing Channel. It also guarantees non-retaliation against users who make use of it.

This channel is not the appropriate avenue for customer complaints; for that purpose, you have the following channels.

The whistleblowing channel is available through this link.