1 Cycling underwear and thermals PEARL IZUMI

If you really love the bike, the cold shouldn't be a problem or an inconvenience for getting out and enjoying this magnificent sport. But you must do it with the suitable gear. And for those low temperatures, a thermal T-shirt is ideal for maintaining body heat, and at the same time providing breathability. You can also opt for some thermal bike pants, which will stop your knees from freezing and allow you to carry on pedalling.

When it's so cold, there seems to be no solution for the hands, feet or head itself. But all these parts can be protected from the low temperatures if you opt for thermal underwear like the T-shirts, inner gloves, or the neck warmers for cycling.

Don't forget that no matter how much a garment wraps you up it doesn't mean that you're not going to feel the cold. In order to achieve an optimum temperature you have to have a correct breathability and thus avoid the moisture making you even colder.

Another popular and practical garment is the neck warmer. This has a huge variety of functions from protection of the neck to becoming a beanie or a band.

Evidently, the thermal function of this type of garment must be complemented with gear suitable for the weather conditions we're facing. So, to supplement your gear, Motocard offers a large number of jackets, long cycling pants, gloves and over shoes that are going to guarantee that your maintain an optimum temperature.