3 Cycling socks PEARL IZUMI

Keeping the temperature of the hands and feet is essential for being able to handle your bicycle comfortably and suitably. Although you know that putting up with the cold or the heat forms part of being a cyclist...

Some suitable cycle socks are those that provide breathability and correct moisture wicking. Another important feature is the sensitivity and ventilation. Also, we want them to be nice and comfortable. But in winter sometimes it's not enough to have a thermal sock and some shoes with little ventilation. If you want to stop being cold, wear some over shoes (also called booties) that will allow you to keep the heat in your feet that you need so much when you can no longer feel your toes. They're made in different materials like neoprene for extreme cold, or waterproof for stopping water from rain or puddles soaking through the shoe. You'll also find thinner over shoes to gain aerodynamics. Also you can choose between different colours that combine with the rest of your cycle gear.

Coming back to the socks, if your favourite terrain for cycling is earth and mud, you'll need some tall socks with a tight fit that stops the mud and stones from getting in, a stone in your sock is so annoying! In other modalities such as road bike or BMX, the sock plays a much more important role than you think, although it doesn't seem like it: if you're not comfortable it'll be very tough to put up with something annoying on your feet for hundreds of kilometres, let alone perform any BMX trick.

You'll also find specific compressive socks to reduce muscle fatigue whilst riding your bike. The mesh fabrics provide breathability in summer and protection in winter, making your cycling much more pleasant. Either way, the cycle sock is a garment that we often don't give the importance it deserves and the comfort of our feet greatly depends on the.