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Goggles and masks are an essential cycle protection element. The constant improvement of the technology of the materials, make this part of the gear as essential as the helmet itself. The goggles and masks help us to avoid the sun, branches or any dust, sand or rain particle from ruining our cycle trip.

In the case of cycle goggles, it's particularly annoying when dirt or water get in, which could end up causing a fall. Also, there are other features, such as the field of vision or the sharpness of the lens that are going to allow us to apply optimum concentration on the terrain thanks to the good visibility. Which is why we have different types of goggles and lenses that perfectly adjust to the climatology we're exposed to when cycling. For example, the Photochromatic lenses are ideal for changes in light as they darken more or less in function of the light they receive. With these you can forget to carry a case with the other lenses or of having to remove them in the darker areas of the forest. Or there's the polarised ones, whose lenses reduce visual fatigue and glare from flat surfaces like the asphalt. If your terrain is the road or city cycling, these are your goggles!

Some cycle helmets come with a built in solar visor. This is the case of some time trial models, designed for gaining maximum aerodynamics.

Apart from the goggles, the cyclist's face is the butt of a series of elements that could end up being harmful. Especially if you cycle around the city, you know what we mean. Who doesn't find it annoying to cycle behind that black smoke spewing from the bus in front of you? In this case, you need a mask which improves your respiration, filtering the particles of pollution and dust that we cyclists live with every day.