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The cycling jersey is the technical shirt or jersey that we cyclists use. Within the jerseys there is a wide variety according to the modality of cycling that you practise or designs that adapt to your taste.

Just like for the cycling jackets, the evolution of this garment has gone hand in hand with the technological advances in fabrics and the cyclist's needs. Which is why we have jerseys for each modality and season of the year in which we're going to take the bike for a spin. The summer jerseys are made using breathable fabrics incorporating ventilation meshes in the areas where sweat predominates, such as the underarms or the back due to the use of back packs. For winter, thicker fabrics are used in order to beat the cold (especially on the chest area) and the ventilation flow is reduced but without losing breathability.

Short sleeve jerseys are the commonest, with a tight fit, zip and rear pockets for storing of cycle spares and tools. These are the ones we usually see on the road, mountain or TV: like the famous yellow jersey that the leader of the Tour de France wears, the red one of the Vuelta a España or the pink one from the Giro de Italia. Also Motocard affords you the opportunity of wearing the jersey and cycling pants of the professional cycling teams, as is the case for the Movistar Team.

But it's not the same for all cycling modalities, as, for example, for downhill, freeride or BMX the jerseys we use are much looser and practically without rear pockets in order to provide greater comfort and agility for the moves on the bicycle.

And if your terrain is city cycling you'll also find a suitable jersey, with optimum fit and designs with high visibility for greater safety in traffic.