1 Cycling jackets PEARL IZUMI

Cycling jackets have evolved greatly together with the textile technologies that have helped to improve this garment to levels unimaginable a few years ago.

Currently, many cycle jackets already incorporate latest generation fabrics and technologies that substitute some items, like raincoats or the windproof vest. Also their evolution has adapted to the needs of the cyclist, for example: creating spaces and pockets specific for electronic items such as smartphones or audio players.

There are as many jackets as there are climates and conditions that we could encounter riding our cycle. There are even some summer ones with ventilation devised for the cooler early morning hours. Also some mid-season jackets affording thicker fabrics compared to the summer ones, but with optimum breathability. Some with removable sleeves to convert them into vests in order to obtain a suitable temperature. Finally the winter jackets, which are usually waterproof and windstopper, for example, with quality materials such as Gore-Tex to overcome damp and freezing conditions when pedalling our cycle in winter.

The designs we can find for cycle jackets are as variable as the jerseys and cycling pants. At Motocard we carry the major brands of jacket manufacturers and a wide variety of designs in function of your taste or modalities. These range from more neutral finishes to the high visibility ones for city cyclists, passing through the main designs of the professional cycling teams, such as the Movistar Team.