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Don't start pedalling without it because it could be the accessory that saves your life. The bicycle helmet is the basic element of a cyclist's gear and you should wear it no matter how short your cycle trip is, as it will be your faithful squire and you should always take it with you.

That's why you must choose the cycle helmet that best fits you, for comfort, as well as design and aerodynamics. There are different types according to the cycling modality and range: classic helmet, full face helmet, BMX helmets, and aerodynamic helmets for triathlon and time trial.  Whatever your choice when buying a cycle helmet, don't just go on design and bear in mind other aspects such as ventilation or weight. The former, is good for adequate visibility as well as for regulating temperature in summer and winter whilst pedalling your bike.

When you have it, remember to adjust the helmet properly, such that it remains completely horizontal and correctly fastened so it can't move with the vibrations. Adjust the straps that hold the helmet under the chin, as well as the nape, to the millimetre. In this way you'll have a comfortable and also optimum fit.

Don't forget that Motocard has the best offers and the most attractive designs from cycle helmet reference brands such as Giro, Catlike or Fox. Also, taking into account the smallest cyclists, Motocard has sizes and graphics for children so they can also be geared up as they deserve.

Don't forget that the helmet doesn't only protect against an impact from a fall off the cycle, but in summer it also reduces the effect of the sun on our head, apart from complying with the road safety normative when cycling on the road or in town. So don't think about it and make it a routine habit until you are incapable of cycling without your helmet.