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The cycling pants are the part of the gear referring to the trousers for the bicycle, made of stretch fabrics and a tight fit.

Like most cycling clothes, the cycling pants have evolved together with the stretch, breathable fabrics and the other elements that make up this garment. If you use long cycling pants you'll know the importance of the fit in the ankle area, especially in winter when that breeze gets in and freezes your leg whilst cycling. Which is why Motocard has cycling pants with a lower zip fastener that avoids that air entry and provides a better hold whilst cycling.

For mid-season, the ideal cycling pants are the ¾ as they afford ideal ventilation whilst protecting from the cold in the early hours. But if that's not enough you can always supplement this type of cycling pants with some removable leg warmers which will cover that area left bear by the ¾.

If you cycle on the road or in town, chose cycling pants that have reflective elements for better visibility in traffic.

A big difference between the different cycling pants lies in the braces. There are cycling pants with braces and without braces in function of the comfort and hold of each cyclist. Especially in the case of women, where we normally opt for cycling pants without braces for greater comfort with the bra straps.

We can also find cycling pants as an element of protection for the bicycle. These are worn under the Cycling pants such that they're not visible, but afford protection in the case of a possible fall or knock.

Lastly, a detail that is appreciated for maximum comfort of the cycling pants, is that they have a silicone trim that avoids slippage due to sweat. In spite of the various sizes, the leg volume is not always the same, thus the silicone trim improves the hold.