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The GPS what a great invention! Navigators save us from the anguish of getting lost in forests, roads or streets that we are not familiar with. Also, they allow us to have all the data of our travels, analyse them and keep them so as to repeat the journey. The GPS has become a "top" electronic element in orientation and analysis of cycling routes.

In contrast to Odometers, the GPS require practically no installation or cables as they obtain their signal via satellite, which means they do not lose the travel data accumulated. With an infinite number of accessories for cycling GPSs, you can have important data such as your heart rate or pedalling rhythm. And with your computer you can analyse the complete route on the map and analyse graphs of gradients, rates, etc.

Also, you can see your current position on the map which is reassuring so as not to get lost or disorientated from your desired destination. You can also store waypoints, that is: store any place on the planet via its co-ordinates. So now you know, if you want to analyse all the data from your travels or want to avoid getting lost on your bicycle, you just have to browse the selection of GPS for bicycle that Motocard has prepared for you.