48 Bicycle rims and tyres

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Every bicycle wheel consists of a hub, spokes, the hoop of the rim and the tyres (with or without tubes). Which is why they are one of the most important components of the bicycle.

In the first place, we can find different diameter sizes and rim width depending on the modality for which they're designed. For example, for MTB we can choose between rims of 26", 27.5" and/or 29" .

The spokes are the elements that absorb the irregularities of the terrain (together with the suspension) as well as affording stiffness and flex for suitable riding and handling. They are the union between the rim hoop and the hub, which is centred inside the wheel. Precisely through the middle of the hub is where the axle passes that holds the wheel as well as being the fastener for its correct mounting to the frame or fork.

At Motocard you'll also find complete wheel sets : completely mounted from the hub to the tyre. You just have to press the fastener and go for a spin!

But if you prefer, you can choose and mount the tyres with the tread or width that best adapt to you and the surfaces and conditions where you cycle. These tyres can be with a tube or tubeless (Tubeless tyres), but remember that the rims of your bike will determine the compatibility of the tyre that you want to choose.