11 Road bicycles

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Road cycling is considered to be one of the most demanding sports in the world. This means you mustn't neglect your nutritional preparation or constant hydration. So get some of the more efficient gels, bars and energy drinks that provide the energy required in times of fatigue, and avoid hitting that wall that saps your strength.

But as you know, the main enemy of road cycling is the coexistence with the rest of the traffic, therefore the helmet is as vital as the bike itself. Other elements such as high visibility gear or lights for those days where the adverse weather conditions are important for safety on the bike. Also Motocard allows you to gear up with the same jersey and cycle pants worn by your heroes and favourite teams that compete in the great tours such as the Tour, Vuelta and Giro. Find the best brands and latest models in the Gear section.

Components such as the drivetrain or wheels are very important on the road, as the development and rigidity make the difference when climbing a pass or the stability and rigidity of the runs. Something that seems obvious is having the correct posture in order to be comfortable enough to enjoy your trails 100%. So it's necessary to carefully choose the right frame size and from here adjust the saddle, seat post and stem in function of your size.

And finally, add electronic gear to your bicycle, and get a GPS to have all the data of your trips (speed, distance, gradients, averages etc.)

Now you can go off and pedal!!