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Abus is the leading manufacturer of anti-theft security systems and therefore one of the most popular amongst motorcycle users. This German company has extensive experience, as it was founded more than 80 years ago and has always worked in the same sector. At Motocard we also rely on Abus for our clients and we offer an ample range of Abus products to protect your motorcycle or mountain, road or urban bike from thieves.

There are many types of anti-theft devices, but the most used is the brake disc lock. Abus offers a wide variety of this type of anti-theft device. Its popularity is due to its easy storage (it fits into the pocket of any jacket) and this makes it very common among urban users. Currently the advances in technology allow for brake disc lock with alarm incorporated.

Chains are the most classic method for securing the bike. Very similar are the cable locks. Abus still relies on these more traditional systems, but the new systems like the U-locks stand out. Very strong and capable of immobilising any type of motorbike, the only inconvenience is their size, but this isn’t a problem if you use a backpack or if you have the possibility of storing them in the case or under the bike’s seat.

As Abus realises, the best form of ensuring the safety of our vehicle is to use a combination of two types of anti-theft devices, therefore the best thing is to search among the offers and get the most suitable anti-theft device for your needs.